Guidelines for Running Workshops or Discussion Groups for Women

The Jewish Women's Network (JWN) aims to create workshops and discussion

groups where:-

Workshops the JWN way: What's so special?

After one of our Limmud workshops one of the participants came up to us to voice her appreciation. Anat Hoffman, feminist, campaigner, and Jerusalem City Councillor, with the wealth of experience of meetings that all that entails, told us how impressed she was and how much she had learned from the particular way we ran the session.

With comments from other women over the years we came to realise that we had something valuable to pass to other women's groups. These guidelines are the result.

These guidelines have been put together by current chair of JWN Vicky Grosser, who uses her skills in leading and facilitating workshops in her professional life. She has been involved in creating the shape and ethos that our workshops have developed over the years.

These guidelines encapsulate what JWN is all about, and we hope by sharing them with other women, to help perpetuate the spirit and values reflected in it.

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