A Bereavement Booklet for Jewish Women

The Jewish Women's Network (JWN) held a national conference in response to the publication of the 'Women in the Jewish Community Review' (1994). This gave women an opportunity to discuss issues which arose from the publication. It became apparent that women often felt invisible and unable to actively participate in the mourning rituals.

In the light of the above, the Jewish Women's Network then provided a series of Bereavement Workshops where a wide range of issues were discussed. We recognised the need for more knowledge specifically for Jewish women, including information and support as well as spiritual and practical guidance. As a result we decided to produce a booklet, exploratory in its nature, with the aim of moving things forward for Jewish women. We welcome further discussion, which no doubt will take place.

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Some responses received since publication:

"It was wonderful to read the Bereavement Booklet. I loved the poems in it."

"Extremely well written, informative and supportive to those in need."

"I read the booklet on the web and found it interesting and informative, and also thought the personal stories were really touching. The stories in particular I feel could help women to express their own feelings and views more readily. Many thanks."

"Very impressed with the booklet - it reads well and is authoritative."

"Having been part of the original team working on the Review in 1994, it is really good to see one of the gaps being filled in such a sensitive and excellent way…I have contacted a number of organisations...to let them know of this excellent publication."

"Congratulations, I'm impressed and very moved."

"The Booklet has everything. I especially liked the personal contributions"

"The Booklet is a source of comfort and hope for me…It is clearly produced with such love...I think you have produced the Booklet so we may live more fully."

"Thank you for the booklet which I read with great interest and admiration. I think it is a remarkable achievement and will enjoy sharing it with others."

"I cried when I read the Booklet - it is very powerful and moving."

"...Truly inspiring and full of helpful information and anecdotal stories. Bereavement is such a taboo subject and this booklet will help open up avenues for women to talk more openly, which can help lighten grief and bring a spirit of sharing so necessary in bereavement."
Bereavement Support Association